Exhibiton of Franco Dugo and Mateja Benedetti at La Milanesiana Festival is Open until July 23

The exhibition entitled “Dal cielo e dal mare” is featuring the works of the famous painter Franco Dugo and the fashion and costume designer Mateja Benedetti. The exhibition is open, until July 23, at the gallery Jannone in Milan. “In terms of pollution, the fashion industry is the third among all industries. I’m trying to get a connection with fashion, art and the principle of sustainability. The dress I’m presenting is the world’s first made from apple residue and polyurethane” said Benedetti at the opening. Franco Dugo emphasized the importance of the joint candidacy of Nova Gorica and Gorizia for the title of European Capital of Culture, which, in his opinion, “shows the value of the cultural and linguistic complexity of our territory. In the past decades artists also played an essential role in opening the border and encouraging collaboration in the region.”