Inabili alla Morte


Commissioned by Regione FVG
Supported by GO! 2025
Production: Mittelfest
Co-production: SNG Nova Gorica
Media partner: Rai Radio3, Rai FVG, Radio Slovenija-Program Ars

The basic concept of the project Inabili alla Morte (Unable to Die / Nezmožni umreti) was conceived and will be partly directed by Giacomo Pedini. It is produced by the Mittelfest Association and is included in the official programme of the European Capital of Culture 2025, Nova Gorica-Gorizia. These two cities, situated at the crossroads of three European cultures – Italian, Slavic, and Germanic – collectively embody the living history of the continent following the World Wars, the resulting divisions, and the efforts to overcome them. The title "Inabili alla Morte" comes from Joseph Roth's masterpiece, "The Emperor’s Tomb", and the entire project is inspired by this novel.

Supported by the Region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia for the European Capital of Culture, the project has been included into its official programme. It is produced by Mittelfest in collaboration with SNG Nova Gorica, and will comprise three theatre performances, radio plays in partnership with RAI Radio 3, RAI FVG, and Radio Slovenia's Ars Programme. In addition, a documentary film and a literary publication are planned, with activities scheduled from spring 2024 to autumn 2025. All endeavors will adopt a cross-border perspective, fostering collaboration between the two cities, renowned partner institutions, and distinguished artists, including writers Goran Vojnović and Paolo Di Paolo, composer Cristian Carrara, actor Natalino Balasso, and director Janusz Kica.

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