GO! 2025 featuring the new generations

GO! 2025 featuring the new generations

Young people and the opportunity to participate in the European Capital of Culture 2025 Nova Gorica-Gorizia.

The European Youth Week (12-19 April) aims to engage young people in community decision-making processes, promote their talents, and encourage dialogue. As part of this initiative, we have presented the opportunities for young people to participate in the European Capital of Culture 2025 Nova Gorica-Gorizia to various educational institutions.

The activities of the organization of GO! 2025 were presented to representatives from various institutions in Nova Gorica: the Gymnasium, the School of Music, the University, the School Center, and the Kindergarten. Also, to elementary schools in Branik, Dornberk, Fran Erjavec, Šempas, and Kozara.

After the opening speech by interim director Mija Lorbek, our artistic consultant Neda Rusjan Bric discussed the possibility of involving young people in the opening ceremony on February 8, 2025. Then, Mojca Stubelj Ars, responsible for Xcenter, presented job opportunities and other forms of cooperation within GO! 2025 to students.

Our cross-border colleagues from the GECT GO renewed the invitation to submit new proposals for SPF GO! 2025 (Small Projects Fund GO! 2025), which this time focuses on youth. And representatives from the Slovenian Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage invited to participate in the European Heritage Days, which will take place next year in Nova Gorica.

May the European Capital of Culture be a capital for everyone!

Photo: Matej Vidmar


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