Open call for writers-in-residence programme in Nova Gorica

The Twenty Something Project, part of the European Capital of Culture programme, will organise a literary residency on the theme “visible and invisible” in 2023. The residency, organised by Mesto knjige (City of Books) festival and the Carinarnica Cultural Centre, is aimed at writers, poets, essayists and committed publicists between the ages of 20 and 29. During a 12-day programme, artists will be able to explore writing and literary creation practises. 


“Everyone must come to the residency with an empty calendar and a clear head. During this time, there will be intensive exercises and leisure activities dedicated to writing. The goal is for writers to get to know each other and co-create, and for literary artists to collaborate with artists from other fields and become creative together,” writes Miha Kosovel of the Association of Humanists of Goriška, which organises the Mesto knjige fair and holds events in Carinarnica. 


The Twenty Something project aims to promote the practise of writing in public spaces, focusing on mentoring young talented writers and preparing them to enter the publishing world. Special attention will also be given to helping writers get to know each other, both literary and cultural professionals from other fields, and bringing them to a wider audience. 


The project celebrated the 100th anniversary of the birth of the painter, poet, writer and filmmaker Piero Paolo Pasolni with various events in Idrija and Nova Gorica (book presentation, musical-poetic performance, exhibition of students of the School of Arts of the University of Nova Gorica, etc.) and aims to prepare a travelling installation and a writing room dedicated to the poet Srečko Kosovel and the philosopher Carl Michelstaedter, which will be housed in the premises of the former European Capitals of Culture. 

For more information about the call, please see the attachment. 

Open Call for Writers-in-Residence program