Congratulations to Ivo Barišič and Marjuta Slamic!
The TANTADRUJ cross-border Theatre Award has been established eight years ago by three Slovenian theatres (the Slovene National Theatre in Nova Gorica, the Koper Theatre and the Slovene Civic Theatre in Trieste) to distinguish the work of individual artists who promote the artistic growth and development of theatre in our cross-border region.
🎉 This year’s Tantadruj Award for Lifetime Achievement was received by one of the most recognisable actors in the Goriška region and a retired member of the SNG Nova Gorica ensemble, IVO BARIŠIČ, who has played more than 200 roles since 1969.
🎉 The jury decided to assign the Best Actress Award to Marjuta Slamič for the role of Bogdana in the folk comedy “Rowan, Strudel, Dance, and then some”.
Sincere and heartfelt congratulations to both winners, who after receiving the flattering awards were able to enjoy the premiere of “The Healing of the Cricket”, which opened the new season of the Slovenian National Theatre in Nova Gorica.
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