The Giro d’Italia will run across the cross-border area of GO! 2025

Posted by GO 2025 Nova Gorica · Gorizia on Wednesday, 24 February 2021

It’s official! The prestigious and one of the biggest cycling races, the Giro d’Italia, will in one part take place across the GO! 2025 area.

On Sunday, May 23, 2021, the fifteenth stage will begin in Grado. The cyclists will then ascend from Friulan plain towards Brda, reach the highest point in Gorenje Cerovo and then circle across Brda twice more. From Gorenje Cerovo they will then descend towards Nova Gorica, ascend over Rafut and finish the stage in Gorizia.

Gratitude that part of the Giro d’Italia race runs over Slovene territory goes to our ambassador and passionate cyclist Edy Reja.
Preparations for the event, which is watched by 800 million people, are already underway.
We will keep you informed about the possibility of watching the race live.

Let’s GO!
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