Michal Rynia and Nastja Bremec Rynia: We express the beauty and chaos of the world

Photo: Nino Bektashashvili

They met in Rotterdam at the CODARTS dance academy and a few years later founded a contemporary dance studio in Nova Gorica and built a solid dance and choreography story called MN Dance Company, which is now well-known in Slovenia and abroad. One of the highlights of this story is the Borderless Body project, which is part of the programme in the year of the European Capital of Culture 2025.


At this moment we are about to have the first premiere of the first play on the way to Borderless Body. TO THE MOON AND BACK – Borderless triptych will be performed on Sunday 4 June at 8 pm on the big stage of SNG Nova Gorica. The performance will be repeated on Monday 5 June. Triptych because it is three stories by three choreographers, alongside Nastja and Michal also the Italians Francesco Gammini and Luca Signoretti.


The themes addressed in the piece concern the human imagination, which has always been fueled by ideas about life beyond this world. How to grow beyond oneself, beyond the limits of the human body and mind, beyond the limits of our planet. How to travel to other worlds to meet other intelligences that may exist somewhere. Once man tried to contact life outside himself through magic and religious customs, then through science he tried to travel to the moon, and today he is trying to explore artificial intelligence that could surpass the human mind for good. What the future holds for us is of course uncertain, but it is certain that man will continue on his path of spreading consciousness and getting to know the world, discovering worlds previously unknown to him.


At the performance we will have the opportunity for the first time to see the dance ensemble that the two dancers have created especially for Borderless Body. Nastja and Michal recently held an audition for which over eight hundred dancers from all over the world applied. They selected only a few of them, who  now form the first borderless “permanent” dance ensemble, which will premiere on the big stage of SNG Nova Gorica on Sunday: Nastja Bremec Rynia, Denise Camassa, Noemi Capuano, Eri Nishibara, Michal Rynia and Luka Vodopivec, with Atara Fink and Clémence Olivier, who are on a study exchange.


Michal and Nastje’s trademark is their recognisable “contemporary fusion” dance style. Their training is based on a modern way of moving and expressing the body. In the dance compositions they create, they create a clear, strong and expressive dance form. “We express ourselves through dance. We feel the need to create, the need to express an abstract form through movement. Inspired by everyday life and intuition, we express the beauty and chaos of the world we live in and imagine.”