8 February 2024, one year to go!

 8 February 2024, one year to go!

On Slovenian Culture Day on February 8 in 2024, the countdown to February 8 in 2025 – the year of the European Capital of Culture – officially begins, with #borderless events in Nova Gorica and Gorica.

On Slovenian Culture Day, 8 February 2024, the countdown to the 8th of February 2025 – the year of the European Capital of Culture – officially begins. GO! 2025 partners will open their doors to the public and present our in progress projects, which will shine under the spotlight of the Capital next year.

The cowntdown for the opening ceremony, that is a key event for any European Capital of Culture, will begin at 10 a.m. at Europe Square, at the crossroads of Nova Gorica and Gorizia. A guided bus tour – available in Italian and Slovenian – will also take place in both cities. A recital of Prešeren's poetry will take place at 12 a.m in Bevkov trg, while the members of the MN Dance Company will dance in the window of the Krilo Rusjan (Xcenter) in the evening.

Here's the full programme: 

Wednesday, 7 February 2024

9.00: School of Arts UNG Semester Exhibition (School of Arts, University of Nova Gorica, Rožna Dolina) 🔗

Thursday, 8. 2. 2024

10.00: Free guided tour of Nova Gorica within the Ab Initio project (Xcenter, Nova Gorica) 🔗

10.00: Start of the countdown (Europe Square, Nova Gorica) 

10.00: Children's dance-tactile performance for the youngest, Ajda Tomazin, Rok Kravanja: Yellow Dot in the Sky, Biennial of Textile Art BIEN (The Layer House, Kranj) 🔗

10.00: Reading of Trinka's poetry and conversation with Živa Gruden 🔗

10.00 and 14.30: Free guided bus tour of Gorizia and Nova Gorica in Slovenian and Italian (Europe Square, Nova Gorica) 🔗

11.00: Workshop for children Let's Build Leonardo's Bridge, Playful Architecture programme, Center for Architecture Slovenia (Xcenter, Nova Gorica) 🔗

12.00: 38th recital of Prešeren's poetry (Bevkov trg, Nova Gorica) 🔗

14.00 / 15.00: Free guided tour in Slovenian / Italian (Goriški muzej: MZ Kolodvor, Nova Gorica) 🔗

15.00 / 16.00: Free guided tour in Slovenian / Italian (Goriški muzej: MZ Pristava, Rožna Dolina) 🔗

16.00: Open Day with a tour of the Benedetti Life sustainable fashion collection (Studio Benedetti Life, Center Rog, Ljubljana) 🔗

17.00: Screening of a selection of archive film clips within the project Memory Ambulance and Archive Brigades (KINOkašča / CINEMattic, Šmihel) Due to illness, the event is cancelled

17.30: GO! Borderless, young people, borders and the power of communication (Kinemax, Gorizia) 🔗

19.00: Guided tour of the exhibition Radiotrophic Fungarium by Saša Spačal (Xcenter, Nova Gorica) 🔗

19.30: Dance in the window, ONE YEAR TO GO, MN Dance Company (Xcenter, Krilo Rusjan, Nova Gorica) 

20.00: Premiere of the documentary Milko Bambič - In Statu Nascendi (Kinemax, Gorizia) 🔗

Friday, 9 February 2024

20.00: Studio SNG Nova Gorica: D. Mamet, Oleanna (SNG Nova Gorica) 🔗

20.30: Concert: Niko Novak (SDK Gallery, Tolmin) 🔗

Sunday, 11 February 2024

19.00: Storytelling and theatre event It’s Time to Collect Stories (Arctur, Kromberk) 🔗

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