Winning with the GO! 2025 Sail

Winning with the GO! 2025 Sail

At the 55th regatta Barcolana, which took place in the Gulf of Trieste, the sailing boat Barraonda, representing Nova Gorica and Gorizia, and thus the European Capital of Culture 2025, also competed. The wind in the sails of GO! and a well-coordinated team led Barraonda to 1st place in its category and an excellent 5th place in the overall ranking among over 1,700 boats. Two days before the race, the artist Marko Peljhan was a guest on board.

Despite unfavorable sailing conditions and light winds, Barraonda, proudly representing the European Capital of Culture, achieved an outstanding result, marking its best performance ever. For the eighth consecutive year, the Gorizian boat led its category, and in the overall standings, it secured the 5th position among over 1700 sailing boats. “During the third quarter of the competition, Barraonda briefly held the third position, just behind the winner Arca. However, as the wind picked up, larger boats gained an advantage” commented Lucio Provvidenti, Team Leader of Barraonda, a 40-foot (11.99 meters) racing boat designed by German Frers Jr., a designer and multiple champion of the America's Cup. The boat is constructed from carbon fiber and features a sloping keel.

“Our slogan 'Born to Win' unites sea and sailing enthusiasts who have merged their passions to compete with Barraonda. The boat's story reflects an open world, teamwork based on solidarity, perseverance, discipline, and a spirit of community and collaboration, transcending language barriers” said Lucio Provvidenti, Barraonda’s crew chief, describing the boat's mission.

Barraonda, the racing boat by excellence, began its cross-border history in 2005, when mayors Matej Arčon and Ettore Romoli encouraged to take the flags of the two cities of Nova Gorica and Gorizia out to sea and set sail for a new cooperation. Even today, in the run-up to the European Capital of Culture, we see it as a symbol of cross-border cooperation, of teamwork, of building a new community between the inhabitants of the two cities.

Two days before the Barcolana, Barraonda hosted on board during its preparatory ride artist Marko Peljhan, who, in the context of the European Capital of Culture, is developing the art and science project ISOLABS, which will focus on the Soča river basin.

“Of course the Gulf of Trieste is linked to my long-term project ISOLABS, which I am preparing for the European Capital of Culture in 2025. I am particularly interested in the Soča delta, which records everything that happens to the river from its source to its estuary. We are interested in what we can understand from the environment and ecological systems. We have already observed the Soča delta with the help of Planet satellites,” said Marko Peljhan. He added that in recent years the Barcolana has had a strong focus on ecology and the organisers are aware of this and are organising the Barcolana Summit, which is linked to ecological issues. The ecological theme also concerns the artist himself.

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