Mija Lorbek: we are all the European Capital of Culture

Mija Lorbek: we are all the European Capital of Culture

Mija Lorbek is the new Acting Director of the public institution GO! 2025 and thus at the helm of the European Capital of Culture 2025 Nova Gorica-Gorizia.

Lorbek, M.Sc of management for non-for profit organisations, has worked in the cultural sector in the fields of event management, public relations, grant funding, project management, programme management and also as an author. She has gained experience in local and international cultural festivals, annual programmes and development projects. She has worked in various roles in organisations ranging from small classical concerts to larger popular events such as Rock Otočec and Microsoft NT Conference, international business fairs from tourism to gaming. In the second half of her career, she worked as a director of an innovative company developing intermedia solutions used by international companies such as BBC Worldwide, Intel, Hennessy, Coca Cola, as well as non-profit organisations for museum installations, events and exhibitions. She moved to Nova Gorica from London after starting a family.

Her main focus will be on establishing a good, coordinated interaction between the main institutions of the European Capital of Culture GO! 2025, as well as enhancing communication and promotion at both international and local level, and increasing the involvement of the local population. “The Capital of Culture must not be an isolated institution, we are all the Capital of Culture!” In more detail, the first objective will be based on good cooperation between the GO!2025 Public Institute and the City Municipality of Nova Gorica, the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation EGTC GO and the Municipality of Gorizia, as well as all other stakeholders involved. “We will focus on public communication and promotion – both international and local. This is an extremely important European project, both in terms of visibility and further strategic development of the municipality. In addition to revitalising cultural life, it brings high tourism potential for the whole region, developing an ‘European cross-border destination’, where will benefit everyone from accommodation providers, gastronomy, craftsmen and entrepreneurs to cultural workers. The third objective will involve the local population through participation in events, public debates, co-creation of accompanying programmes and participation in workshops. This will create a vibrant city, interesting for locals and visitors alike.”

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