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Tereza Gregorič: the story picker

Tereza Gregorič: Obiralka sočnih zgodb

Tereza Gregorič is the founder of Scaramouche, an institute dedicated to the advancement of comedy and comic practices. She is currently working on the project "It’s Time to Collect Stories", which is part of the official programme of GO! 2025. The first cabaret-style performances, fresh and noble, are already filling up theaters and selling out.

Scaramouche is a platform for collecting interesting and juicy stories that have unfolded along and around the Slovenian-Italian border. These stories explore the border's dual nature as both a barrier and a remarkable advantage and opportunity. And last but not least, they reflect the present and future dynamics of the region.

Tereza Gregorič graduated from the High School of Fine Arts in Nova Gorica, where she specialized in drama and theatre. She then pursued further studies at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film, and Television, focusing on dramaturgy. Throughout her academic journey, she was honored with two academic Prešeren Prizes. One was awarded for her collaborative project on dramaturgical debates titled "Dramatik Peter Božič", while the other recognized her research on "Theatrical Alternatives of the Seventies and Eighties".

Since 2015, she has worked at the Slovene National Theatre Nova Gorica, serving as a stage manager and director. Additionally, she collaborated on the script for "Thirty-somethings", a production staged at the theater since 2021, delighting audiences. She also leads the Amo Young Stage, which, under her guidance, has received numerous awards both domestically and internationally. Locally, she is celebrated for her directorial and scriptwriting contributions to various municipal and community celebrations and events. Tereza Gregorič's preferred genre is comedy, as she believes it provides a platform for sharper social criticism, revealing the unvarnished truth of both the oppressed and the oppressors. In 2024, she participated as a selector at the Days of Comedy festival.

Photo: Saša Mrak

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