Emanuela Uccello and Pavla Jarc, Italian and Slovenian curators in a joint project

Emanuela Uccello and Pavla Jarc, Italian and Slovenian curators in a joint project

The exhibition that highlights contemporary sculptural art from the cross-border area.

The exhibition, with the sculptures of contemporary artists working in Gorizia, is set at the St. Clare Museum in Gorizia. The project is not only a collaboration between artists from Gorizia, but also between the Municipality of Gorizia and the Municipality of Nova Gorica, as well as the Culture Centre and the City Gallery of Nova Gorica, and the Prologo Cultural Association from Gorizia.


The exhibition, which was already visited by many art lovers from both sides of the border at its opening, is part of the programme which approaches the European Capital of Culture 2025 Nova Gorica-Gorizia. It provides an insight into the works of twentyfour Italian and Slovenian sculptors, who realize their sculptural aspirations in traditional natural materials, both wood and stone.


This is the first comprehensive exhibition that highlights from different points of view the sculpture production in this cross-border area. It includes the works of living artists who talk about different aspects of sculptural art and establish a unique dialogue through diverse artistic statements, styles and techniques – from the more expressionist neofigurative to conceptualist designs and lyrical abstraction. It also remembers some of the prematurely deceased Italian and Slovene sculptors from the Gorizia region, who have left an important trace in the history of art, and up-and-coming artists. The exhibition also includes artistic photography, with wood and stone motifs, created specifically for the needs of this project.

You can read more about the exhibition here.

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