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Europe Square in Berlin

Trg Evrope v Berlinu

The European Capital of Culture is now in its third day at ITB Berlin, the world's largest tourism fair. Under the Feel Slovenia stand, we've created a replica of Europe Square, the monument between Slovenia and Italy, which has proven to be a popular attraction at the fair. A promotional video and a new cultural-tourist brochure were also produced for the occasion. The visit to our stand concludes for the business public with a souvenir: a graphic crafted by Slovenian artist Zora Stančič, who has developed an original visual experience tied to the ECoC mission specifically for this event.

GO! 2025 also organized a collaborative presentation with Chemnitz 2025. As the two recipients of the ECoC 2025 title, they simultaneously invited visitors to two distinct yet interconnected destinations. Additionally, our stand received visits from the Mayors of both Goricas, Samo Turel and Rodolfo Ziberna, along with representatives from the Slovenian Embassy in Berlin and the Slovenian Cultural Centre Berlin.

2024.03.05. ITB RS 4472
2024.03.05. ITB RS 4495
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2024.03.05. ITB RS 4629
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