The European Capital of Culture Lights Up with a Full Moon

The European Capital of Culture Lights Up with a Full Moon

First major event that we have co-financed as part of the official programme of the European Capital of Culture 2025 Nova Gorica – Gorizia. The R.o.R. Festival, an international festival of contemporary, intermedia and performance art practices, moved this year to the centre of Nova Gorica and to the premises of the KB Center in Gorizia, connecting the two cities through interdisciplinary and new media art.

The brightest part of the festival was the so-called Light Path in Nova Gorica, which consisted of 9 Slovenian and international artists or art groups who dedicated themselves to light installations – the most prominent was the huge full moon by artist Luke Jerram, installed in Bevkov trg. The mock-up of the moon, seven metres in diameter, was made using Nasa’s ultra-high-resolution imagery, and in addition to the excellent photographs and great attendance, the moon also proved to be a fitting venue for a dance performance; the festival ended with To the Moon and Back by the MN Dance Company (who also work closely with the Capital of Culture), as you can see in the picture above. The attendance was incredible, the city came alive – a very popular item was that of Claudia Reh (Echtzeitlich), who projected images created with the help of the participants onto the Edvard Rusjan monument, creating beautiful, almost psychedelic scenes on it.

Various performances and installations also took place in the premises of the Xcenter in Nova Gorica, the KB Center in Gorizia and on the streets of Nova Gorica. There were also laser projections, concerts, telescopes, lectures, etc. Artists working at the intersection of science, art and technology, scientists from various fields – we are proud of our partners for bringing multimedia arts to our conurbation in such a high-quality way.

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