Lead partner: GO! 2025
Leader (curator): pETER Purg

PostMobility is a series of media-artistic interventions, productions and research on re-use and contemplation of traffic and mobility in both physical and digital space. What new forms of cross-bordering do abandoned garages, unfinished roads and scrap metal offer? How can they connect to new nodes and platforms to push the boundaries of the conceivable -- and outpace the timid steps of the green transition? New technologies bring not only electric cars and bicycles, but also virtual mobility and with it the imperceptible flows of crypto-networks, and not least new eco-systemic intimacies. Through the exchange of diverse insights and good practices, the PostMobility programme between 2022 and 2025 weaves a network of research collaborations between GO! 2025 and cross-border partners from near and far. It establishes new entanglements between science and art, offers post-growth considerations, seeking to revive the transitional heritage into different lives. This testifies to the very special mobility challenges -- not only in traffic or capital, but also in the mentalities of Nova Gorica, Gorizia and the surroundings, such that are common to many European peripheries and cross-border regions as areas of transit and transition.

PostMobility is lead by pETER Purg (, follow them on Instagram

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