GO! Bees: the first Cross-border Bee Path

GO! Bees: the first Cross-border Bee Path

With the GO! Bees project, Gorizia and Nova Gorica inaugurate the first Cross-border Bee Path.

The bees take center stage in GO! 2025 with a new significant initiative, GO! Bees, born from the collaboration between the Municipalities of Gorizia and Nova Gorica, the GECT, and important local entities: Confcommercio, the Beekeepers Consortium, the Comel Museum, the Mitteldream association, the Beekeepers Consortium of Nova Gorica, the Chamber for Commerce and Artisans of Nova Gorica, and the Center for the Conservation and Enhancement of Traditions of Borgo San Rocco. Enthusiastic and experienced individual citizens also join them.

At the heart of the event is the first Cross-border Bee Path, a mapping of the border territory with sites where bee-friendly plants have been planted or implemented. The inauguration is scheduled for Saturday, May 18 at 11.30 am, on Via della Cappella.

But the GO! Bees project starts even earlier and goes further: from Thursday, May 16 to Sunday, May 26, 'Bee Plates' can be tasted as part of the gastronomic festival organized by over thirty restaurants and venues in Gorizia and Nova Gorica. For the first time in the history of the two cities, they have developed a shared calendar of irresistible proposals. Furthermore, throughout the month, there will be exhibitions, showcases, and many other events all dedicated to May 20, the World Bee Day. To raise awareness about the importance of pollinators, the threats they face, and their contribution to sustainable development.

The complete programme is available at this link (for Italian), and this link (for Slovenian).

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