An opera weekend in the spirit of the Bourbons

Vikend opere v znamenju Burbonov

As part of the official GO! 2025 programme, the Piccolo Opera Festival is presenting a small series of operas dedicated to Gorizia, the royal family of the Bourbons, and Gioachino Rossini. 

There will be three opera events this weekend (Saturday 22/06 and Sunday 23/06); the musical programme is inspired by the social evenings hosted by the mentioned composer. Read more about the programme below. 

The history of Gorizia is inseparably connected to Charles X, the last Bourbon king, who took refuge here during his exile and spent the final days of his life here. The Piccolo Opera Festival recognised the parallels between him and the composer Gioachino Rossini, who wrote the opera A Journey to Reims for his coronation, staged in 1825. Exactly 200 years later, in 2025, the festival will once again put Rossini's opera on stage – this time as the “crowned” European Capital of Culture. 
In anticipation of this solemn event, you will be able on Saturday and Sunday to listen to:

  • 22/06/2024, 9:00 pm, Coronini Cronberg Palace, SOIRÉE ROYALE – famous French opera arias and chamber operas from Pechés de Vieillesse (Sins of Old Age)
  • 23/06/2024, 12:00 noon, Strassoldo Palace (Grand Hotel Entourage), ROSSINI BRUNCH – Rossini's melodies and the flavours of French cuisine
  • 23/06/2024, 8:30 pm, Franciscan Monastery Kostanjevica, PETITE MESSE SOLENNELLE – Rossini's melodic elegance and tasting of selected typical local delicacies

Additional information and tickets:

+39 389 0295464

info@piccolofestival.org / tickets@piccolofestival.org


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