Bistro Lipa

Bistro Lipa Trg Ivana Roba 7 5290 Šempeter pri Gorici (Goriška) +386 (0)5 336 60 00

Bistro Lipa

From the most innovative cuisine to classic specialties, the bistro combines the history and culture of the Goriška region.

The menu of the Bistro Lipa comprises both inventive dishes and classic specialties, as well as recipes combining the tradition and the culture of the “fruitful gardens of the Goriška region”. You can order various pasta, fish, burgers, steaks and original salads, the typical frittata, the Šempeter štruklji, the gibanica Mark and other desserts. The personnel will gladly pour a glass of the vast range of beverages, especially quality local beers and wines which accompany perfectly our bistro dishes.

The mix of the modern cuisine and the tradition of the area is the result of the collaboration with the Women and Girls Society from Šempeter, the Biotechnical School and other local farmers providing seasonal ingredients. The Bistro Lipa is also adorned with features from Šempeter’s rich past.

Not to be missed:

Bistro Lipa is located in the main square, known among the locals as one of the most popular hangouts. This was the final stop of the streetcar which connected Šempeter and Gorizia from 1927 to 1932. Lunches and snacks offered on workdays. Possible organisation of business meetings and gatherings. The largest artificial climbing wall is also located in Šempeter.
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