Lightspray Visual: moving images

5/18/2024 from 21.00

Stara šola, Šempas 136

Lightspray Visual: moving images

R.o.R Residence (Zavod BridA) will host the Hungarian duo Lightspray Visual, who will project moving images onto the facade of an old school.

The artists of the Hungarian collective Lightspray Visual (Fényszóró Visual) have been creating works with analog light for over 15 years. They use old graphoscopes with powerful bulbs to project colorful images onto the facades of buildings and monuments. They bring these images to life using special devices they have created, mounted on the graphoscopes to achieve an effect reminiscent of large-scale kinetic sculptures. In this way, they are able to create interesting projections, and to transform the projector into an element of the installation.

Their work is strongly influenced by contemporary street art, steampunk, and science fiction, and their greatest strength lies in their ability to incorporate any subject, depending on the location and theme of the festivals. Currently, they are working on various projects: video projections to enrich building facades (using a technique known as 'video mapping', which combines light from different projectors to create analog effects), and hybrid analog-digital light shows that synchronize with the soundtrack.

In recent years, they have showcased their creative works at numerous festivals such as Nobel Week Lights in Sweden, Prisma in Portugal, Essen Light Fest in Germany, and Lumiart in Dubrovnik.

In case of rain, please bring an umbrella. In case of severe weather, the event will be canceled.
For the event, the parking at the old school will be closed, and parking will be available in the large parking lot near the cemetery. Thank you!

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