Nova Gorica


On Saturday, 28 June, the 17th Klovnbuf - International Festival of Contemporary Clown and Circus is coming to Nova Gorica.

Don't miss a full day of events for young and old, featuring circus tricks and skills, contemporary clown characters and comic plots expressed through a physical clown language that knows no boundaries and is understood by all.

The clown is like the archetype of the child, pure and free, and as such he is perhaps the last bearer of the fundamental message that he was obliged to convey in all expressive means long ago, when he was still the court jester. In this, the word was not the first priority. The thought expressed in words is already its interpretation. That is why the clown's primary mission remains his free thought, which he can express without words. The clown says a lot, though often in silence.

Welcome to the Clowncity, a place of free, liberated play. Let the play begin!

A more detailed programme will be announced soon, stay tuned here.

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