Bunker Pr’ Barabonu

Bunker Pr' Barabonu Vogrsko 129 5293 Volčja Draga (Goriška) nives.derman67@gmail.com

Bunker Pr’ Barabonu

The bunker in Vogrsko, used in the National Liberation Struggle of Primorska in 1943, was a meeting point for members of the partisan movement.

Bunker Pr' Barabonu

In Vogrsko, there is a unique hideout – the bunker “Pr' Barabonu”, which was used by the organizers of the National Liberation Struggle (NOB) in the Primorska region.

Its hallmark is the secret entrance, which is under a sliding cook top of a wood burning stove. It was here where in September 1943 the National Liberation Council for Primorska Slovenia was established.

Though originally built to store items like prosciutto, flour, and other goods that were regularly confiscated by the Italian authorities for its military use, the hideout was never used in this way.

Throughout World War II, the occupying forces remained unaware of the bunker's existence, largely due to the ingeniously concealed entrance. Electricity was installed in the bunker, and it was equipped with a drainage system and ventilation duct, leading through the stove chimney to ensure complete camouflage. The bunker holds a small table with two chairs, a bed, a radio, and two small electric stoves. Up to 6 people could fit in the 9 m2 space.

During the National Liberation Struggle, the bunker became a meeting point for important Partisans, organizers of the liberation struggle and other resistance fighters. From here, the idea and organization of the Liberation Front spread throughout the entire Primorska region.


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