Christian Museum and Treasure of the Cathedral of Cividale

Cividale del Friuli

Krščanski muzej in zaklad stolne cerkve v Čedadu

Divided into the Lombard Heritage and the Treasure of the Cathedral, the first one includes the Altar of Ratchis — with a permanent multimedia exhibition — and the Baptistery of Callistus. The second displays jewellery and liturgical objects, artworks in painting and sculpture, manuscripts, and artifacts such as the 'Noli me tangere' by Pordenone and two works by Veronese.

The Christian Museum of the Cathedral features two sections: the Lombard heritage and the Treasure of the Cathedral.
The Lombard Heritage comprises the Ratchis Altar, dating back between 737 and 744, commissioned by Duke Ratchis, later King of Lombard Italy, in honour of his father Pemmone. The Altar of Ratchis was originally richly coloured and decorated. An accurate study on the monument allowed to discover the palette of colours and the techniques used for the decorations. Thanks to a permanent multimedia museum layout, it is possible to watch the projection, on the Altar of Ratchis, of the original polychromy that distinguished the bas-reliefs of this important Lombard masterpiece. Besides some specific educational in-depth analyses, visitors can also appreciate the reconstruction of the various phases of spreading of the colours and of the original decorations.

The other monument that stands out is the Baptistery of Callisto. The reference is to its commissioning by the first Patriarch of Aquileia (Callisto) who took office in Cividale (731 A.D.). The baptistery consists of an octagon with seven small arches, supported by eight columns that rest on the balustrade in which fragments of marble plutei, among which the one referring to the following Patriarch, Sigualdo (762-776), are inserted.

These two monuments, the Ratchis Altar and the Baptistery of Callisto are candidate UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The Treasure of the Cathedral presents in an absolutely new and well-coordinated way jewellery and liturgical objects, paintings and sculptures, manuscripts and codices, precious paraments that testify the absolute prestige of the age-old Christian history of the ancient capital. The Treasure includes the "Noli me tangere" by Pordenone and two works by Veronese.

Museo Cristiano e Tesoro del Duomo
Via G. B. Candotti n. 1
33043 Cividale del Friuli (UD)
ph. +39 0432 730403

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