End of the NextGen GO! 2025 project

The NextGen GO! 2025 project came to an end on Thursday, June 9 2022, which this May 9 united students from both Goricas on the theme of Europe and the European capital of culture. The students had the opportunity to participate on a conference and on an event, form groups and suggest ideas to make the two Goricas a better place.


122 high school students from Nova Gorica and Gorizia have participated in the project: students from Gimnazija Nova Gorica, Istituto Statale di Istruzione Secondaria Superiore “G. D’ANNUNZIO – M. FABIANI” Gorizia, Državni izobraževalni zavod Cankar Vega Zois di Gorizia e Državni izobraževalni zavod Gregorčič Trubar di Gorizia.


First place went to the project entitled “Prijateljstvo senza confini” formed by students Zala Flospergher (Šolski center Gorica – S. Gregorčič), Irene Lauto (ISISS D’Annunzio – Liceo Linguistico​), Luka Frandolič and Mojca Lipušček (Gimnazija Nova Gorica).


It aims to promote recreative and educational activities for people of all ages from Slovenia and Italy. It targets different activities for each age group (ex. kindergarten: cross-border summer school; high school: cross-border dance; pensioners: escursion and history lessons), which creates the possibility of getting to know each other, share different cultures, traditions and make new friendships.


The winners were awarded with a trip to Bruxelles, where they will discover european institutions.




More information: https://bit.ly/3zxCzXo