Runners of Ultra trail Vipava Valley crossed over the border by night
The Ultra trail UTVV Slovenia ended today, with 1,300 runners from 36 countries from around the world competing.
60 runners of the toughest test (160 km run) visited our home late at night. They continued their way to Carinarnica (ex-border control), where there was also one of the refreshment stations. Competitors needed more than 24 hours for this test, with short nap opportunities at some of the stops. Roman covered 160km in less than 20 hours!
The winner of this heroic challenge is Pole Roman Ficek (pictured), who was greeted in our #borderless area, and encouraged at night by Nova Gorica Deputy Mayor Simon Rosič.
Congratulations and we will do our best to make the trip bold cross-border next year! 🇸🇮💪🇮🇹