Smart Space – the coexistence of modern technology and past

In via Carducci Street in Gorizia, at the Foundation of Gorizia Savings Bank, you can visit an exhibition on the history of the city – in digital form – free of charge until the end of the year.


Smart Space is a space where technology and art, past and future, intertwine. The Foundation, which is based in the former premises of the Gorizia Savings Bank, has transformed the ground floor into a digital exhibition space dedicated to education and the experiences offered by technical progress.


Visitors will be able to admire a collection of digitised postcards dating back more than a century on touch screens, and they will also be able to ‘talk’ to the founder of the Savings Bank, Giuseppe della Torre, with the help of interactive animation. Another interesting opportunity is to meet famous people connected with Gorizia and listen to their quotes in the form of audio playback.


It will also be possible to enjoy an immersive experience in the space with digital projections telling the history of the city, and perhaps the most interesting part of the exhibition for the public is the virtual reality experience. Virtual reality viewers take us into a military trench, on a plane trip, on a boat ride, etc., offering us a very special experience of the fusion of art, past and technology.


The Savings Bank Pinacoteca and other exhibits related to the history of the Savings Bank and the Foundation also form part of the exhibition.