Senator Tatjana Rojc in Milan on GO! 2025
Tatjana Rojc

Writer and literary theorist, Tatjana Rojc is a Senator of the Republic of Italy. She supported the candidature of Nova Gorica and Gorizia for the title of European Capital of Culture at the La Milanesiana festival: “Gorica was a divided city, just like Berlin. The Berlin wall fell in 1989, the iron fence between Gorizia and Nova Gorica in 2004. The two cities are finally rediscovering their unity. A city with a thousand years long history: the name of the city first appeared in 1001, in a document by which Emperor Oton III donated the settlement to the Aquileian patriarchate –’que sclavorum lingua vocatur Gorizia’. Making this place, a crossroads of millenary cultures, the Capital of Culture of a modern Europe, of the Europe of people, of the old continent that determined the whole cycle of Western civilization and that today is opening up to different worlds, is a dream that would come true. It is what I hope. Finally, Kosovel could shake hands with Michelstaedter. And both would be simply Srečko and Karel, both convinced that they belong to the same world. Without rhetoric. As Kosovel wrote, ‘my life is mine, Slovenian, European, modern and eternal’. “

The full text in Italian is published on the website of Corriere della sera: