R. o. R residence: Tadej Droljc

For one evening, the municipal building in Nova Gorica was transformed into a canvas by the intermedia artist Tadej Droljc. The one-month rural residency of an internationally renowned and award-winning artist, which takes place as part of the R.o.R (Rurally Organised Residencies) programme under the direction of the BridA institute, concluded on Thursday, 27 October with a large-scale audiovisual laser spectacle called Spectrum. For the first time, the artist presented a laser projection combined with video mapping. The open-air event, which combined sound, image and light, brought contemporary art to a wider public in an exciting way and took a large audience on a unique experience.


There will be even more artistic interventions like this in the future. The title of European Capital of Culture has already put Nova Gorica, together with neighbouring Gorizia, on the European map even before the official launch in 2025,” said the Mayor of the Municipality of Nova Gorica, Dr Klemen Miklavčič.


The R.o.R programme, which BridA has been running for years, is part of the GO! Borderless BidBook, which earned Nova Gorica the title of European Capital of Culture 2025 in partnership with neighbouring Gorizia. Rural residencies aim to bring contemporary and intermedia artists to a rural environment and encourage interaction with the local population. By 2025, there will be seven such residencies with internationally renowned artists.


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