Project GO! Film Office is realised
Today, a program agreement was officially signed for the development of film production activities in the Goriška region, which will be based in Gorizia and will operate in Slovene and Italian!
GO! Film Office will be a point for domestic and #international production, investors, authors, professional filmmakers and film and audiovisual organizations, and an access to local financial resources.
📍Location: The Palazzo del cinema – Hiša filma (The House of Movies) is a complex of buildings around Darko Bratina’s courtyard (Gorizia), home to numerous cinematographic organizations for renting audiovisual material, storing local productions, teaching activities for film lovers and the professional public, writing screenplays for films, production and distribution.
Our cross-border region has always attracted directors due to the #diversity and accessibility of locations, now all this will be even more productive! 💪🎬