Neža Simčič exhibiting in the cross-border gallery Carinarnica
Neža Simčič, a student of textile and fashion design at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, is constantly researching sustainable approaches in fashion, while striving to preserve the tradition of various #ManualTechniques.
With our support she is now exhibiting in the cross-border gallery Carinarnica; the exhibition Roza/Rosa, which shows the influence of growing up along the Slovenian-Italian border on her aesthetic values and design expression and with the collection tries to #CombineTheContrast between Slovenian and Italian clothing culture.
She delves into the topic of handicrafts, crochet skills, which she uses as a link between the contrasts of two nations and thus tries to connect them. In addition, the collection aims to draw attention to the lack of #inclusion of older women in fashion.
Welcome to the most stylish border crossing!