Peter Purg

Peter Purg is Associate Professor of New Media at the School of Arts, University of Nova Gorica, and Dean of the Faculty of Humanities. He obtained a PhD in Media Art, Communication Science and Literary Studies from the University of Erfurt (Germany). His focus is on intermedia and investigative art, and his interests include the roles of the humanities and the arts in ecology and ideas of growth, social innovation and community practices. In addition to his academic work, in which he has co-founded and led several international interdisciplinary projects over the last fifteen years, Purg is also active in higher education policy, as well as an evaluator and curator in the fields of digital arts and culture. He has led the interdisciplinary collective Bobnars United, participated in the realisation of the Podgana PPP anti-consumerist performance actions, and last but not least chaired the Council of the Slovene National Agency for Quality in Higher Education for three years.


He was also a member of the team that prepared the candidature of Nova Gorica and Gorizia as European Capital of Culture 2025, co-founded the Nova Gorica creative industry hub Xcenter and curated the high-profile Pixxelpoint 2019 edition. Within the School, he will be working, or better said, he works on intermedia projects and cross-sectoral programmes that critically address the impact of new technologies on society. In the GO! 2025 bid book, these projects can be found in the chapter entitled Pixxel-X, namely Post Mobility – exploring the reuse of post-industrial legacies, and Xmobil – the car trailer as a travelling laboratory for audio-visual production, self-production and research at the intersections of science and art.