This year’s dance performance by Nastja Bremec Rynia from Nova Gorica and Michal Rynia from Poland is dedicated to the 570th anniversary of the birth of the visionary artist, architect and inventor Leonardo Da Vinci, who himself tried to create a perpetual motion machine, but quickly denied the possibility of making one.


This time, too, an international ensemble of dancers from Slovenia, Italy, Japan, Spain and Hungary explores the infinity of movement and the infinity of discovering a new perpetuum mobile, a hypothetical machine that moves infinitely without an outside source of energy. Perhaps in the future, humanity will succeed in dreaming this dream and realising the idea of a miraculous machine which, for the time being, exists only in the minds of visionaries and utopians, giving rise to eternal controversies with conflicting opinions on the possibility and impossibility of its construction. And yet, everything is moving!


We are thrilled and proud of them and invite you to the repeat performance this Sunday, 20 November at SNG Nova Gorica.


You are all warmly welcome!