European Capital of Culture in Veszprém - opening

On Saturday 21 January, the baton of the European Capital of Culture will be passed to Veszprém, a Hungarian town near Lake Balaton. Together with Eleusis in Greece and Timișoara in Romania, which will celebrate their launch in February, it will become a major player in European cultural events in 2023. It is one of the top three most cultural cities in Hungary, so incredible things are certainly to be expected this year.


Veszprém is one of Hungary’s oldest cities and has a rich history to match its title – it is nicknamed the City of Queens because for centuries it was the Archbishop of Veszprém who crowned Hungarian queens. The city played a leading role in establishing Christianity as the central religion. Today, it is better known for its arts – in 2019 it was recognised by UNESCO as the City of Music, which the organisers emphasized as one of the highlights of their programme. Their music-related goal is to make Veszprém the city where the largest number of inhabitants are actively engaged in playing instruments.


The GO! 2025 team will also show their support for Veszprém’s capital by travelling there for the two-day opening. We invite you to follow our posts in the meantime, as there will definitely be news from the field!