Road paved for the transformation of the central area of the European Capital of Culture

Photo: Ana Rojc

On Tuesday, the Minister of Infrastructure Alenka Bratušek, the general director of the Slovenian Railways Dušan Mes and the mayor of Nova Gorica Samo Turel shook hands in Nova Gorica to sign the Cooperation Agreement for the European Capital of Culture 2025, an important step for the development of the city, the wider cross-border region and the country, and a key move for the development of the necessary infrastructure in the central area of the ECOC project. In anticipation of 2025, the railway station area will be redeveloped, along with three buildings – the warehouse, the SVKT building and the railway medical centre – and a subway under the railway tracks with a cycle path will be built.


Two major ECOC projects will take place in the area in 2025: EPIC, a platform for the interpretation of the century that will address the complex history of the cross-border area, and Super 8, a community centre that will combine cultural and artistic content with local gastronomy. An information centre and event support facilities are planned in the facilities of the railway medical centre.


At the signing of the agreement, Minister Alenka Bratušek said: “I am glad that we have succeeded, because without the renovation I cannot imagine how we would have managed to complete the ECOC project, which is one of the most important projects for our country for the future. My colleagues in the directorate have a busy period ahead of them. The renovation should be completed by the end of 2024. I am confident that we will succeed.”


The redevelopment of the area as part of this agreement is part of the broader solutions that the Municipality of Nova Gorica is planning for the area close to the border. Europe Square will also be renovated and a green corridor will be created along the border between the former Solkan crossing and the Rafut Park, together with the villa.