Rediscovering urban areas

Photo: Matej Vidmar

It is not easy to communicate directly with the surroundings we know so well – familiar places seem to have no secrets. Nova Gorica and Gorizia are no exception, and the interventions organised by various organisations on both sides of the border can be a useful mediator between residents and the neighbourhood. In this article we have gathered some of them that we consider worthy of attention and suitable for both locals and tourists. 


These past days, on Majske poljane and around the train station in Nova Gorica, one could participate in the Sandbox, a walk with music and sound programme at sunset as part of PostMobility (a project from the Bid Book GO! 2025). During the walk, organised by the Cona Institute, sounds captured around the railway station were played, followed by three performances of experimental music; the aim was to offer an alienated experience of a familiar space. On the Italian side, the CTA (Centro Teatro Animazione e Figure) organises walks called Gorizia nascosta (Hidden Gorizia), where participants get to know slightly different stories than we are used to from textbooks – the intimacy of small groups and small stories offers an alternative experience of history. 


The Association Quarantasettezeroquattro curates two festivals that also seek to bridge the gap between the known and the unknown: In\Visible Cities and Contaminazioni Digitali. The first interweaves theatre, music, dance, video, etc. in streets, squares and gardens to connect as much as possible with the local community, while the second is dedicated to exploring other realities, also with a focus on alternative perspectives. In Nova Gorica, under the guidance of Blaž Kosovel, author of the documentary series Gorica walks, there are several guided tours along a route designed as an urban historical walk through the history of Nova Gorica. 


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