Neda Rusjan Bric, MCs, initiator of the GO! 2025 candidacy

Foto: Nada Žgank

Neda Rusjan Bric is a director, actress, writer, professor of screenwriting and a key part of the GO! 2025 team. She comes from Nova Gorica (born 1967), graduated in drama and received her MSc in directing from AGRFT in Ljubljana. She is a member of the ensemble of the Slovenian Youth Theatre, writes and directs in Slovenian and foreign theatres, was director and artistic director of the Slovenian National Theatre in Nova Gorica (SNGNG), directed several state celebrations and teaches at the University of Nova Gorica.


Her affection for her native places is evident in her projects – among others, she has staged a play about the Alexandrian women, Simon Gregorčič, the Rusjan brothers, Nora Gregor and Maks Fabiani. Neda Rusjan Bric was also the pioneer of Nova Gorica’s candidacy with Gorizia for the European Capital of Culture 2025 and is – together with her team – the main reason why the ECoC is currently located in our towns. Within the current European project, she was the head of the candidacy for four years, the artistic director for two years and is currently the artistic advisor. She is responsible for the realisation of projects of high artistic value, such as the theatre project Destinyation – Touch of Destiny with Tomi Janežič and Simona Semenič, Meeting Point with the world-class pianist Alexandr Gadžijev and Borderless Body with the M&N dance company. She was also entrusted with directing the opening ceremony of the European Capital of Culture 2025, when we will kick off a year of cultural events in Nova Gorica and Gorizia.