Marysia Nikitiuk

Ukrainian screenwriter Marysia Nikitiuk has been working in Gorizia since the beginning of December. Her screenplay story (and also her life experience) is closely linked to the war. Marysia came to Gorizia from her native Kyiv, where survival conditions are so difficult that there is no room for artistic creation.


Marysia is participating in the ” Borderless Script Writing Residency “project, co-funded by GO! 2025 and realised by Transmedia. The project allows screenwriters to work on film screenplays which will be shot in the area of the two Gorizia cities.


Last summer, she also took part in a residency in Sarajevo and learnt about the difficult and long-lasting consequences of war, especially if there is no catharsis or relief on a psychological level. The story for the screenplay is about the trauma of a man who lived through the 2014 war in Ukraine. The film also features a female figure inspired by a Bosnian volunteer who survived Vukovar and whom Marysia met in western Ukraine, where they both helped refugees. In her thinking and work, Marysia recognises the brutality of war and looks with awe at the horror of its consequences, but she also sees moments of immense humanity and at times humorous situations.


Marysia Nikitiuk is an award-winning screenwriter. Among others, she won the Kieslowsky Award for Best Eastern European Screenplay at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival for “Koly padayut dereva” (When the Trees Fall).


Photo: Bumbaca-Primorski dnevnik