Flash art at Europe Square


Over the past few weeks an educational workshop has been held. It involved the primary schools of Nova Gorica and Gorizia and ended with a cross-border and one-of-a-kind flash art in Europe Square.
The workshop was created by Centro Teatro Animazione e figure and the non-profit organization Via Rastello. With the support of GO! 2025 and with the fundamental help of the teachers of the institutions involved, more than 500 cardboard cylinders of different heights were created and #illuminated inside by LED lights. Parents and all those present in this special square that ideally unites the cities of Gorizia and Nova Gorica were able to stroll among the written or drawn #wishes, admire the glitter and discover the dreams of cross-border children.
The idea, born from the atelierist Suomi Vinzi, was interpreted for Slovenian children by the artist Ana Facchini.
The cylinders will also illuminate Via Rastello on Sunday 19 from 17.30 for an hour and children will be able, at the end of the event, to take with them a lantern chosen from among all the wishes of their friends. 👫
See you there! 💛