konSekvence ≡ Xcenter: dr. Špela Petrič

At the beginning of March, the exhibition konSekvence≡ Fragments of a Possible Ecosystem opened at the Ljubljana Cukrarna, providing insight into the multi-year activities of the KonS ≡ Platform for Contemporary Investigative Art. The exhibition, which will be on display in Ljubljana until April 2, has been accompanied by several art presentations around Slovenia – one of which took place in Nova Gorica, at the Xcenter. There, artist and researcher Špela Petrič, PhD, presented her installation entitled Institute for Invisible Languages: Lip Reading, which aims to establish communication between humans and plants. Petrič’s artistic practice combines natural science, biomedia practices and performance, critically examining the limitations of anthropocentrism – the results of her research can be seen on the ground floor of the Xcenter until April 30.


The konSekvence project is led by Jurij Krpan, representative of the konS≡Platform and programme manager of the Kersnikova Institute, who will also contribute to our Capital of Culture. Starting this year, he will lead the Future of Food Academy, a project to develop the region into an international gastronomic destination.