Alexander Gadjiev, piano virtuoso from Gorica

Alexander Gadjiev (b. 1994) is a pianist from Gorica whose talent and visibility are truly boundless – he has earned numerous awards and accolades (including Japan’s prestigious Hamamatsu Prize and the Prešeren Fund Prize), and he is also consolidating his fame with world tours, which will take him to Australia, Japan and the Middle East in the coming year. The musician comes from Gorica, which he says has had a decisive influence on his attitude to accepting and absorbing the different – Gadjiev is living proof that the meeting point of people, cultures and languages (he himself speaks 5!) is fertile ground for the growth and development of an artist. That is why the GO! 2025 team has recognised him as a suitable ambassador for its European Capital of Culture – in 2025 he will give a very special piano concert set on a bridge over the Soča River.