Dziga Vertov's Kino-Pravda will be the icing on the cake

EAST-WEST The border in cinema and history is a project of the Kinoatelje in Gorizia that explores borders through moving images. Last year it was held for the first time in Trieste, this year (9-10 May) it will be held at Kinemax in Gorizia and Slovenska kinoteka in Ljubljana. This time the focus is on newsreels and archive materials in the presentation and teaching of history.


“Along the Italian-Slovenian border one does not only come up against demarcation lines, quite the contrary. Throughout history, a connecting point has been established here, which has also produced a unique audiovisual heritage,’ they wrote from Kinoatelje, which participates in the European Capital of Culture 2025 Nova Gorica – Gorizia programme as the Cinecittà – cinema hub. In the coming years, the film hub will develop and promote the cross-border audiovisual sector, which is based on the networking of various film and cultural institutions and productions in the region.


On Tuesday, the EAST-WEST project will host distinguished guests at the Kinemax in Gorizia, whose talks will cover topics ranging from cinema as a tool for learning history to the use of newsreels in propaganda and journalism. Among the Italian guests will be Patrizia Cacciani from the Historical Archive Luce Institute-Cinecittà, Anna Di Gianantonio from the Regional Institute for the History of the Resistance and Contemporary Age in FVG, Dunja Jelenković from Ca’ Foscari University, Paolo Caneppele and Simone Venturini from the University of Udine, and Paolo Cherchi Usai from the Friuli Venezia Giulia Film Library. The Slovenian side will be represented by historian Borut Klabjan from the CRS Koper, curator of the Austrian Film Museum Jurij Meden and lecturer at the AGRFT Andrej Šprah.


Tuesday evening will offer a special experience, when philosopher and musician Boštjan Narat and clarinettist and saxophonist Didier Ortolan will accompany Dziga Vertov’s series of newsreels, published between 1922 and 1925. With the Kino-Pravda series of newsreels Vertov wanted to create a kind of newspaper for the screen, just as he had done with the Kinonedelja series, which aired in 1918 and 1919. The 22 preserved issues have been digitised and subtitled in German and English by the Austrian Film Museum and are also available online.


Further information on the programme can be found here.