From social to intimate conflict

Photo: Primorski dnevnik (Paolo Giovannini)

Today at 7:00 p.m. at the Cultural Center in Deskle, the full-length feature film The Man Without Guilt (Mož brez krivde, 2022) by director Ivan Gergolet and the short film White Cloud (Beli oblak, 2020) by author Anja Medved from Nova Gorica will be shown. The Slovenian preview of the film about the tragedy of the Monfalcone shipyard will be shown in Deskle as a tribute to the people from central Posočje who share traumatic experiences related to asbestos with the workers of Monfalcone and other plants. Gergolet’s film, produced by the Staragara and Transmedia production companies, has already won international awards. It was shot in the Slovenian-Italian border area, and one of the main roles was played by Branko Završan. Both films and directors are coming to Deskle at the invitation of the association EKO Anhovo in dolina Soče and Civilna iniciativa Danes!.


“I was born and raised in the northeast of Italy, right on the border with Slovenia, where asbestos causes a terrible catastrophe,” says director Gergolet, adding that in his film “he “translated this social conflict into a familial, personal and intimate conflict, where the lack of justice in the community, poisoned from within, leads the protagonist to explore the conflict between guilt and impunity. What happens in an environment where justice cannot pass judgment or find the truth, what happens when victim and perpetrator face each other in the same room?


The short documentary film White Cloud by Anja Medved, produced by CINEMattic, is also about asbestos, about this invisible catastrophe that took place for so many years on one of the most beautiful European rivers. Through personal stories, she tells of a cement factory that employed the most people and contributed to the modernization of life in the valley and used asbestos in the production process. Although the use of this deadly fiber has been banned since 1996, the consequences of its past use are becoming more and more visible, and people are very concerned about the current (co-)incinerator in Anhovo, to which they want to draw attention with the whole manifestation.