Ivan Šarar, a collaborator from Rijeka

Ivan Šarar comes to GO! 2025 as a collaborator with the experience of the Rijeka European Capital of Culture (2020).


“I have been involved with European Capitals of Culture for many years, almost a decade and a half, and I have visited and experienced many of them. However, none has such a juicy, complex, difficult history, but at the same time full of challenges for the building of a respectful common life in a place that has a past (plural!) that has destroyed more than it has created. The story of the Goriška region with two Goricas, the new and the old = Gorica², is uniquely exciting and is an entirely new, courageous way of trying to influence a change in the rhythm of life in the environment through the ECOC project; more specifically, how to create a completely different and better environment. It was this that motivated me to join the team and try to make my small contribution. The challenge is big and that’s the best part!”


So says Ivan Šarar, from Split, educated in psychology and marketing. Throughout his professional career, he has worked in the cultural and creative industries, as a freelance, radio producer, professional musician (he was a member of the band Let 3), music promoter, marketing expert and co-founder of several NGOs and companies. Since 2011, he has been working as the Head of the Department of culture at the Rijeka City Hall, where he led Rijeka’s candidacy for the European Capital of Culture.