Information days on GO! 2025 calls for small projects

From 1 February*, the EZTS GO / GECT GO is launching a presentation of the opportunities offered by the Small Projects Fund to the whole Interreg Italia-Slovenia programme area: a fund of 8 million euro which will finance, from this year until 2026, small Interreg projects.


What does this mean? In the view of supporting the cross-border territory and the establishment of new collaborations and the development of initiatives in the tourism and cultural field, in the light of the European Capital of Culture 2025, the Interreg Italia-Slovenia Programme has appointed the EZTS GO / GECT GO as the implementing body and manager of the Small Projects Fund in support of the European Capital of Culture 2025. The EZTS GO / GECT GO will manage the aforementioned European funds and distribute them throughout the programme area as defined by the Interreg Italia-Slovenia Programme.


How? By means of simplified calls for proposals, which will be published annually, from 2023 to 2026, until exhaustion of funds. Unlike other Interreg calls, the projects submitted could also be of a small scale (from €30,000) up to a maximum of €200,000. All information on the calls, selection criteria and project typologies will be presented at the three Info Days, before the publication of the call itself.


The Info Days will start in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region on Tuesday 1 February with a bilingual event (Slovenian/Italian) in the Kulturni dom of Gorizia at 16:30. A week later, there will be a meeting in Venice, as the Province of Venice is part of the Italian Interreg Italia-Slovenia area. The meeting will take place on Tuesday 7 February in the Conference Hall of the Provincial Building of the Grandi Stazioni in Venice at 10:30. The closing event will take place in Slovenia on Tuesday 14 February at 10:00 in the Knight’s Hall at Štanjel Castle, in the municipality of Komen, where the meeting will be dedicated to potential partners based in the Notranjsko-Primorska, Osrednjeslovenska, Gorenjska, Obalno-Kraška and Goriška regions.


“The Small Project Fund is a very important tool for our area while the European Capital of Culture 2025 is approaching. It will enable direct funding of projects by companies, associations and other structures from the cross-border territory that want to cooperate and be an active part of the preparations for 2025 with initiatives that need to ensure sustainability also beyond that year,” says Romina Kocina, Director of EZTC GO / GECT GO. “The use of the Small Projects Fund is one of the pillars that we are setting up, alongside with GO!2025, for the expansion of Nova Gorica / Gorizia and the cooperation with the border areas.”


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