GO! 2025 Slovene and Italian online language courses

The great success of our GO! 2025 virtual online Slovenian and Italian language courses with Jelena Vukmir as the teacher (more than 3,200 participants in Facebook groups) has encouraged us to take the beginner and advanced Slovenian and Italian courses to the next level with:




On the interactive platform learn.go2025.eu you will now be able to ask questions live, save assignments and have a customized overview of your completed lessons. Participants will be able to follow the lessons live or access a recording.

To register click here:  learn.go2025.eu


2. LANGUAGE MEET-UPS with Jelena


Students can have relaxed conversations with #native speakers from the other side of the border and learn about the #culture and heritage of our borderless conurbation. More info will be given during the course.


Join us for a linguistic, social and intercultural experience through language and GoBorderless!