Will in 2021 famous road-cycling race Giro d’Italia go through Gorizia and even Slovenia?
Efforts put in by the local government and Edy Reja could bring the internationally famous road-cycling race Giro d’Italia not only to Gorizia but also to Slovenia



🇸🇮 O velikem uspehu Goriške s priznanim nogometnim trenerjem in kolesarskim navdušencem Edy Reja.
🇮🇹 Con il mister Reja, allenatore di calcio di fama mondiale e ciclista appassionato, sul grande successo del territorio.

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Posted by GO 2025 Nova Gorica · Gorizia on Saturday, 21 November 2020

Last week the news of the possibility that road-cycling race Giro d’Italia might go through Gorizia quickly spread across the region.

As Primorski dnevnik writes, Rodolfo Ziberna (Mayor of Gorizia) said that one stage of the race could finish in Gorizia and that a small part of it could even run over Slovene territory. “Gorizia stage of the Giro d’Italia race would be in a way an “hommage” to the united Europe,” said Ziberna. Deputy Mayor of Nova Gorica Simon Rosič said, that the possibility that the race could go over this territory is another testament to the ambition of both cities, cooperation and friendly relations between the Mayors of Gorizia and Nova Gorica as well as the know-how which this region already possesses.

We invited our GO! 2025 ambassador and a cycling fan Edy Reja to our Virtual Cafe. The hot topic was of course the potential stage of the Giro d’Italia in Gorizia and Slovenia and what this would mean for our territory. You’re kindly invited to listen to the recording of the Live video!