Goriška-related film projects in 2023

Foto: Katja Goljat

The Slovenian Film Centre has supported the production of four film projects that are close to the mission of our European Capital of Culture! Last week, a press conference was held to announce the winners of the calls for proposals, and out of the 16, four are intertwined with the Goriška region:


🎬 Gregor Božič, a filmmaker from Nova Gorica and author of two projects in the GO! 2025 application book, will receive funding for his feature film Sadni film, in which a Slovenian botanist and a Japanese neuroscientist explore an unusual document about a pear tree that defies time.


🎬 Urška Djukić, director of the internationally acclaimed short animated film Granny’s Sexual Life (2021), who studied Media Arts at the School of Arts, University of Nova Gorica, is also connected to our region. In the summer she will start shooting her first feature film with the working title Little Trouble Girls, which follows the awakening sexuality of a girl whose surroundings do not approve of it at all.


🎬 The documentary project Nekoč v Posočju is also inextricably linked to us, and will be about the violent Christianisation of the inhabitants along the Soča River. Ema Kugler, the project’s author, is best known for her feature film Man with Shadow  (2019), which has won more than 100 awards at national and international festivals.


🎬 We should also mention Damjan Kozole’s documentary about the conceptual art group OHO, which also touches on our regions, more specifically Šempas, where OHO founded the artistic and agricultural community Družina v Šempasu in 1971.


We wish all the projects lots of creativity and success!


More information 👉 https://bit.ly/3JkvXR0