Job vacancy HEAD OF EPIC

A new vacancy at the public institution GO! 2025 has been advertised on the website of the Employment Service of Slovenia (Zavod RS za zaposlovanje) today, 7 April 2023.


Vacant post: HEAD OF EPIC (M/F)


The closing date for applications for the vacancy is Sunday 16 April 2023.


Please send your CV (Europass) and a completed Candidate Form (bellow) with annexes/proof of relevant skills and qualifications to


HEAD OF EPIC (M/F) is responsible for:

  • managing research programmes and projects within the framework of the activities of the institute,
  • consultancy activities in the field of exhibition art,
  • establishing international links and cooperation,
  • active participation in ECOC 2025 and international projects,
  • preparation of the museum profession’s professional platforms and extension of professional tasks,
  • conception, organisation and implementation of projects linked to the EPIC programme (more information in the bid book),
  • contribution to the development of the international profession and its field of activity (at national and international level),
  • other tasks as assigned by the head of the internal organisational unit, other assistant directors and the Director.


Working hours? Full time.


Where will you work? At the offices of GO! 2025 and at the offices of the partner organisation EGTC GO in Italy – and sometimes at other locations in Slovenia or abroad.


Other requests:

  • Knowledge of Slovenian at a higher level,
  • a basic level of English or Italian,
  • professional performance of the job,
  • economic management of the Institute’s resources,
  • continuing education,
  • further training and education in accordance with the needs of the work process,
  • computer skills in MS Office programmes at an advanced level,
  • organisational skills,
  • excellent communication and mentoring skills,
  • ability to work as part of a team


Contact +386 51 222 105.


Candidates should send their applications by email, and an application is considered complete if it is accompanied by:


  • Europass CV
  • a completed and signed application form with annexes/proof of the relevant skills and qualifications required (application form available at the bottom of this page)


Job reg. no. at the Employment Service (Zavod RS za zaposlovanje): OW34756

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