GO! 2025 is looking for an Director's Assistant for Finance, Legal and General Affairs

A new vacancy at the public institution GO! 2025 has been advertised on the website of the Employment Service of Slovenia (Zavod RS za zaposlovanje) today, 3 April 2023.


Vacant post: Director’s Assistant for Finance, Legal and General Affairs (M/F).


The closing date for applications for the vacancy is Friday 14 April 2023 at 16.00.


Please send your CV (Europass) and a completed Candidate Form (bellow) with annexes/proof of relevant skills and qualifications to info@go2025.eu.


Director’s Assistant for Financial, Legal and General Affairs (M/F) is responsible for:


  • Proposing decisions to the Director relating to his area of work,
  • Making proposals and giving opinions to the Director on matters relating to his area of work,
  • Proposing to the Director an annual work programme and a report on the Institute’s work in its field of activity,
  • Giving an opinion to the Director on the Institute’s business,
  • Executes the decisions of the Institute’s bodies,
  • Performs other tasks in accordance with the general acts of the Institute and as delegated by the Director.


Working hours? Full time.


Where will you work? At the offices of GO! 2025 and at the offices of the partner organisation EGTC GO in Italy – and sometimes at other locations in Slovenia or abroad.


Other requests:


  • Ability to organise and lead,
  • Active knowledge of the Slovenian language,
  • Knowledge of at least one world language at a basic level,
  • Effective management of the internal organizational units,
  • Efficient operation of the internal organizational units,
  • Professional performance of work,
  • Efficient use of the Institute’s resources,
  • Implementation of the adopted annual plans,
  • Continuous training in accordance with needs,
  • Basic computer skills in MS Office programmes,
  • Excellent communication and mentoring skills.


Job reg. no. at the Employment Service (Zavod RS za zaposlovanje): OW19872

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