Dr. Marko Klavora: The new head of EPIC

Photo: Matej Vidmar

EPIC – the European Platform for 20th Century Interpretation is transitioning from idea to reality with Marko Klavora.  A new exhibition space with a permanent collection on the complexity of the history of the last century, a venue for events and a platform for dialogue will soon be launched in the former railway warehouses in Nova Gorica and will be one of the central facilities and content projects of the European Capital of Culture 2025 Nova Gorica – Gorizia.


“We will take Goriška as a laboratory for the interpretation of the history of Europe in the 20th century. I believe that we have a lot to show, a lot to say and, above all, a lot to pass on to the inhabitants of this area and to visitors. We will show how the inhabitants experienced a rather difficult century, marked by the First and Second World Wars, the period of fascism and the establishment of the border”, says Marko Klavora, Doctor of Historical Sciences, former curator of the Goriški muzej. Gorizia was Austro-Hungarian, a multicultural, multinational city, connecting the capital with the main port, and sharing a similar fate to the cities along the border and in the interior. “We want to tell the history of this place through people’s individual experiences and stories, which are also collective, from the beginning of the century when the railway and the market were established here. We will do this through audio and video material, we have conceived of an audio-visual walk through the landscape of Goriška and, of course, through objects. EPIC will not only be an exhibition, but also a space where, in 2025 and beyond, we will talk not only about the past, but also about similar cases in the present,” he explained, stressing that there will certainly not be the classic “billboard” exhibitions. EPIC will be a platform for dialogue.