Applications open from 3 January 2022
In early November, Gregor Karer from Nova Gorica took over the management of the public institution GO! 2025 European Capital of Culture, Nova Gorica, as the acting director. He was appointed to this position by the decision of the mayor of Nova Gorica Klemen Miklavič, PhD. The director of the public institution will be chosen on the basis of the public call, which will be published on Monday, 3rd January 2022.
The Municipality of Nova Gorica invites all interested candidates to get acquainted with the public call, which will be published on 3rd January 2022 on the website of GO! 2025 and on the website of the Municipality of Nova Gorica
In addition to the general conditions set out in the law, the candidates will also have to meet the following conditions set out in the Decree establishing the public institution GO!2025 – European Capital of Culture, Nova Gorica:
  • higher university education (previous), minimum specialisation in higher professional education (previous), master’s degree (second cycle degree), master’s degree in higher professional education (previous);
  • at least five years of work experience in management positions;
  • knowing the expertise area of the institution;
  • active knowledge of the Slovenian language;
  • knowledge of the Italian and English language at a higher level;
  • possessing organisation and management skills.
The candidates will have to enclose a curriculum vitae and the development programme of the institution for the term of office.